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Aligned with your values, Advocate helps progressive change happen

Ours is a tried and tested platform, used by victorious campaigns internationally. The first platform for progressives operating at scale outside of the USA.

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More of the internet, more of the people you need to convince

Google ads only accounts for 30% of the web, Advocate can reach more than 90%. FB is good for reaching audiences that already like you, Advocate reaches the audiences you need to convince in order to win.

Here for progressives, with no minimum spend

We’re democratising programmatic advertising with our guarantee of no minimum spend. Now progressives with any size of campaign can take advantage of digital advertising, which is the vital ingredient in today’s campaign strategies.

Pro-privacy and

Advocate protects citizen’s privacy by spearheading the most privacy-protective practices in digital targeting while ensuring that your content appears only on brand-safe websites.

Caitlin Roper UK Labour
Jemma de Leon FFNPT
Mart Maes PvDa final 4

The Advocate team has become an extension of our digital team during the local elections. The team provided well-thought media plans and reporting. Their programmatic technology brought new capabilities to our digital strategy. We saw solid results and will continue working with them.

Caitlin Roper

The Labour Party - UK

We worked with Electica during the UN climate summit in Glasgow to raise awareness amongst policymakers and civil society organizations about the need for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Even on a condensed timeline, Electica was very responsive and delivered a complex digital campaign. They offered targeting capabilities not available on other platforms and outperformed our objectives in terms of impressions and video completion rates.

Jemma de Leon

Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

We worked with Electica for the Dutch National elections in 2021 and the Municipal elections in 2022. It enabled us to reach our voters in very small geographies using postal codes and target audiences. It was a great addition to our own basic ad-campaigns, the videos had fantastic completion rates, and the entire team was very supportive and helpful.

Mart Maes

Partij van de Arbeid

Advocate is brought to you by Electica the digital campaign experts trusted by progressive campaigners across the world